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I see you've stumbled upon my second passion! Something I neglected to mention on my "About" page is that I am currently in college studying Front-end Web Development (which is just a fancy way of saying: "I'm becoming a web desiger"). 

I'm pumped you're here to witness the first step of merging my photography business with



My love of design has always been present! Being able to create and turn a vision into a reality is one of my favorite things about being a designer.

 I appreciate you taking the time to visit this section of my website! Please take a look at what I offer below and let me know if it's the right fit for you. I'm so excited to have you along on the beginning of this journey!  


A website is the home front of a business! Social media platforms are helpful for marketing; however, apps come and go, and it is important to build something that will stand the test of time.


Feeling a little overwhelmed? That's normal! Your website is a HUGE part of your business! But the great news is I'd love to be a part of that process! My goal is to create or help you create something that shouts YOU and what you represent! The world of design is not as scary as it seems once you make a game plan! Let's create something that'll attract customers.

Let's create a game plan! 

why is your website



 Not only does your website represent your brand, but it creates a sense of authenticity for your clients. It should fully represent who you are as a person or as a business. It is something you should take pride in and be excited to show others. It should be an exciting (yet, easy) experience that your viewers enjoy navigating through.

mini consultation


additional hours: $75 per hour

starter consultation


additional hours: $100 per hour

starter design


custom design


custom Logo



Please inquire for package pricing 

mini consultation

If you already have a website, but are looking to fine-tune it, then this is the package for you. Ideal for people who have general knowledge about responsive web development, but would just like some guidance!

The MINI CONSULTATION consists of a 1 hour virtual face-to-face call. Together we will go over your pre-existing website and discuss elements to change, rearrange, or replace.

starter design

Want a custom website but not sure where or how to start? If you have some previous web and design knowledge this just may be the perfect fit for you. This package is created for people who plan on managing, maintaining, and adding to their website, but would love to have a foundation and layout plan to get them started.

The STARTER DESIGN includes a full 1 hour website concept consultation via virtual meeting and 3 custom-made web pages (Home, About, and Contact). Together we will create the perfect website layout that will reflect you and your business. We will go over and establish all your design goals and then I'll get to work.   

Depending on the size and complexity of the design, I will send you a first draft within 4 weeks of our consultation call which you will be allowed to go over and make changes to. A second draft will be sent to you within 2 weeks which you, again, will be able to edit. The final site will be sent to you within 2 weeks! 

Please note that the statement above is subject to change depending on project size and client and designer availability. 

starter consultation

This is the perfect package if you are planning on building a website using a responsive web development platform (like Squarespace, Godaddy, Wordpress, or Wix) and have general knowledge about responsive web development.


The FULL CONSULTATION consists of 2 personal one-hour virtual face-to-face calls where we will discuss the floorplan of your website. Together we will draft out your web pages and discuss important components to include, layout, client experience, color theory, and online presence as a business owner. 


custom design

If you'd like a full custom website, want to be involved with the design planning, but don't know or have time to assemble the whole thing, this is most definitely the package for you. It's super simple! We talk, plan, and then I start working!


The CUSTOM DESIGN includes 2 one-hour virtual website consultations where we will plan out your 5 page custom-made website. From the layout to the fonts, we will go over all the elements that'll make your site uniquely yours! In addition, this package also includes a custom logo which will be delivered on the terms of the logo design package. 

Depending on the size and complexity of the design, I will send you the first draft of your custom website within 6 weeks of the consultation calls.  I will send you a revision draft within 3 weeks based on your feedback and you will, again, get to look at the site before telling me your final thoughts and the changes you would like made. You will receive your final website within 3 weeks. The following timeline does not include the creation and delivery of the logo. Your logo will be delivered on the "Custom Logo" timeline. 

Please note that the statement above is subject to change depending on project size and client and designer availability. 

Additional pages can be purchased at a price of $150 per page

Important: the above packages do not include textual content or photographs! All content must be provided by the client. If you are in need of images, I suggest you hop on over to my DETAILS page!

the experience 


custom Logo

A logo is a big part of a business! It is like a signature: beautiful and unique! If you'd like a custom made logo but aren't sure how to start, you're in the right place! 

The CUSTOM LOGO consists of a virtual consultation call to discuss your business, design ideas, and whatever else you'd like included in your logo!

Within 2 weeks of our initial call, I will send you a first draft of 3-5 logo prototypes. From those prototypes, you will choose elements from which I will build your new logo. A second draft will be sent to you for your revision and your final logo delivered within 2 weeks!


My branding photography session is pretty straightforward! These are all customizable to fit you or your business' needs!

Pricing for these shoots is dependent on the size of the project and what/who I will be photographing! In addition, the number of images that you will receive is also dependent on the above factors.

Please contact me for more information and details regarding these sessions! 

I look forward to hearing from you!!

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This is a lot, I know, so if you feel overwhelmed or have questions, please reach out through email:  amybjphoto@gmail.com

I am excited to get to know you and your vision for your business! I can't wait to work with you!